He assured Lee that it was okay. Dopo la strage degli abitanti di Woodbury, Il Governatore si allontana con Martinez e Shumpert, ma ben presto i due lo abbandonano lasciandolo solo. In vari flashback, Hershel insegna a Rick le basi dell'agricoltura e dell'allevamento, cercando di convincerlo che la guerra sia finita. Kenny will look at Clementine and tell her she is as stubborn as a damn mule to which she replies "I wonder where I got that from." The armory was empty except for a few rounds. You are given the option to shoot him which leaves you alone. Intanto Rick, nel tentativo di fuggire dalla finestra, viene sorpreso da uno dei banditi, ma riesce a sopraffarlo, rubargli l'arma e calarsi all'esterno. Kenny, sometimes nicknamed Ken, is one of the main characters in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. When the group discovered an abandoned car, Kenny was the first to propose looting the car for the abundance of supplies it contained. They then spot a woman peering into the windows. All'interno di essa, allo scopo di gestire l'intera comunità, è nato un consiglio formato da Daryl, Sasha, Glenn, Carol e Hershel. Rudkins. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series -- Season One Summary : The living will have to survive amongst the dead in this game based on The Walking Dead, … I sided with you the whole game! Either way, Clementine will be convinced to talk to Kenny, where he will lash out on her and blaming her Sarita's death/infection and saying that apologies don't matter. Convincendo poi suo fratello Mitch, già in disaccordo con il consanguineo, ad allearsi a lui, Philip diventa il leader dell'accampamento, il quale però presenta molte falle nelle proprie difese e un vagante riesce a intrufolarsi mettendo in pericolo la vita di Meghan. Kenny is the Tritagonist of season 1 and appears in all five episodes. Quindi, a riprova di quanto detto, gli propone di bruciare il capanno che tanto gli ricordava il suo passato. The fourth season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMC, premiered on October 13, 2013, and concluded on March 30, 2014, consisting of 16 episodes. Carl e Michonne vanno in cerca di provviste consolidando il loro rapporto e scambiandosi confidenze. ". David, già malato terminale, muore davanti agli altri, rianimandosi poco dopo e attaccando Tara. Durante il viaggio, il furgone ha un guasto e il gruppo è costretto a proseguire a piedi, ma ben presto s'imbatte in un'orda di vaganti. Kenny told Lee that he would make an excuse for him while Lee broke the lock and looked inside. Kenny, sometimes nicknamed Ken, is one of the main characters in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Hershel e i medici del gruppo, Caleb Subramanian e Bob, arrivano alla conclusione che debbano affrontare un'epidemia di polmonite da pneumococco. The radio suddenly came on and the unknown man claimed that he has Clementine, but revealed that it was not Vernon. La leadership del campo passa così a Pete il quale, agli occhi di Philip, si dimostra anch'egli incapace. If Carley was saved in "A New Day", Lee had the option of telling him about his past, and Kenny appreciated his honesty. Molly escaped, and was about to abandon them, but Clementine convinced her to save them. Mit einem gewaltigen Midseason Finale der 4. Rick: Che hanno fatto incazzare le persone sbagliate.». If she calls out Kenny will shoot her without hesitation and the situation escalates to a firefight, with gunshots from both sides being heard as the screen turns to black and the episode ends. La Soluzione di The Walking Dead - Episode 4 Altro episodio, altri mostri da massacrare! The three run into the forest, thought that Clementine is left behind. If Kenny stayed behind, he will be beaten up by Vernon's group and tossed in the garage, being locked in by a braced shovel. When Ben and Doug/Carley came back from the dairy, Kenny came with the rest of the group to check it out. Trophäen-Infos: Offline-Trophäen: 8 Online-Trophäen: 0 Verpassbare Trophäen: 0 Verbuggte Trophäen: 0 … Kenny doesn't believe him but the group says to trust him. Considering that there are a grand total of 7 ways that the confrontation can go down, 4 of which Kenny is dead from, I'd chalk Kenny up to being the next Omid, in the event that he appears in Season 3. Intanto, Tyreese conduce Lizzie, Mika e Judith, nella foresta, braccati dagli zombie attirati dal pianto della neonata. Kenny also discussed the current state of their friendship, which is either good or bad based on Lee's decisions in "A New Day". Initially, they are arguing with the Cabin Survivors once they are spotted, but as soon as Kenny sees Clementine once more, the argument ends and Clementine's group is allowed inside the ski lodge. Kenny then asks Clementine to leave, as he needs to talk with Walter alone. When Larry saw that Duck was covered in walker blood, he assumed that Duck had been bitten and attempted throwing him out. La ragazza, disperata per aver fatto parte di quell'ignobile attacco e avere visto la sorella sopraffatta dagli zombie, sembra avere perso ogni speranza. Episode von “Fear the Walking Dead” Staffel 4, doch die hat es in sich. When the survivor was about to kill Lee, or be killed by Lee, Clementine showed up and begged them not to. They attempted to deal with the walkers, but were forced to take shelter in the attic. Subito dopo, sopra la fossa, appare un sorpreso Martinez. You both look outside and see Kenny got the truck up and running. She asks for food for her "family" to which Walter allows, but Kenny still remains unsure. Clementine can either choose to stay and reassure Rebecca or hold off the walkers outside. You and Kenny get the baby from out of the car that Jane put him in. A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Kenny acted as the de-facto leader of Lee Everett's group. Kenny Flashback Scene - The Walking Dead Game Season 3 Episode 4. He thought the radio man was luring the walkers toward them, but he and Lee quickly discovered that the walkers were being lured away. Daryl e Beth fuggono dalla prigione, perdendo di vista gli altri. Another church bell went off, and Kenny drew his gun. He then accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" when asked for a can of food, which then deeply saddens him. Following the choice, Kenny headed off with the group back to the camp. Arvo greets them warmly and asks the group for help with his sister, who is in need of bandages. But if she stays silent, Kenny will relized that Clem is just a kid and apologizes, the last time that never meant to hurt Clementine and he knew what he has done and wrong. Durante la notte, Philip brucia la foto che lo ritraeva insieme alla moglie e alla figlia, e decide di andarsene. Kenny offered to hold off the approaching walkers as Lee decided to either free David from the bear trap or leave him to die. Die Zombie-Apokalypse steht kurz bevor und die Menschheit ahnt noch nichts von ihrem Glück. He heard something and headed to the attic. Kenny is generally characterized by needing a sense of purpose or, more specifically, protecting people, which Lee Everett noticed in \"Around Every Corner\". The brothers knocked Lee unconscious and threw him, Kenny, Larry, Lilly, and Clementine into the barn's meat locker. When Lee and Mark hear screams and find Ben Paul, Travis, and David Parker, Kenny was right behind them to assist the situation. If you keep him you will hear a baby crying and realize Jane was lying about letting AJ die. La quarta stagione della serie televisiva Fear the Walking Dead, composta da 16 episodi, è stata trasmessa in prima visione negli Stati Uniti d'America dall'emittente AMC dal 15 aprile al 30 settembre 2018.. Kenny Jr. (Road to Survival) - A Telltale Games-adapted character in Road to Survival. Clementine’s story has finally come to an end in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Kenny is my 3rd favorite character, he's loyal and looks after Clementine (unlike Mike and Bonnie -_-) but personally I stayed in Wellington, for a few reasons. Alla prigione, Rick mette al corrente Daryl su Carol e, nonostante sia arrabbiato per la decisione, acconsente di accompagnarlo da Tyreese per informarlo. Rick prende un ostaggio, chiedendo dei suoi amici. Kenny, hearing the panic will rush over to her and Clementine with Mike. Prima che possa agire, l'uomo ucciso in casa attira l'attenzione dei banditi, dandogli la possibilità di raggiungere Carl e Michonne e di allontanarsi con loro. You hear a baby crying in the background and realize it's AJ. Kenny's relationship with Lee would be seriously affected by what Lee chose to do here and he would either appreciate Lee for backing up him on making a hard and morally questionable decision, or resented him for leaving him alone to do it. Kenny will reassure Sarita and the four will run out of the herd, however Clementine will be left behind and ford through the herd with Rebecca and Jane. Lee either throws something at the wall, or Kenny does. Rick, in preda ad un raptus per il pericolo che corre il figlio, inizia una colluttazione con Joe, mordendolo a morte alla gola. The Walking Dead: Season Two. When both his son and Shawn Greene were attacked, Lee had to make a choice on who to save. The group voices their concern as they watch it from afar. You have the choice to shout for them both, ask why they are doing what they are doing and you can ask if you can go with them. Kenny was later seen confronting Andy, who was holding Duck hostage. Michonne, desiderosa di vendicare Andrea, è sulle tracce dello stesso Philip e spera di trovarlo a Macon. Finalmente anche il gruppo di Daryl torna alla prigione e, grazie alle medicine, i malati cominciano a guarire. If Kenny is finally convinced to leave, he will tearfully goodbye to Sarita and continue to fight and kill walkers. When he reaches the top he pauses and sees Wellington in front of him. Fear the Walking Dead Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. They see an ice lake where they can cross to the shelter that Arvo is talking about. Fear the Walking Dead - Staffel 1 (FSK 18) (2015) 4 von 5 Sternen (4) Insgesamt 4 Bewertungen, EUR 8,50 Neu. Intanto, Glenn e gli altri arrivano a una galleria: Eugene, Abraham e Rosita decidono di tornare indietro per trovare un'automobile, mentre Glenn e Tara tentano di attraversarla. When Lee got the train up and running again, Kenny took over the steering. Kenny offered a ride to Macon, nevertheless, however, his relationship with Lee would change depending on who Lee tried to save. Die Episode endete mit dem Tod eines Hauptcharakters, den die Zuschauer vermutlich nicht als mögliches Opfer auf dem Schirm hatten. Lee and Kenny headed down and uncover Ben with a balcony rung ripped through his stomach. Lee first meets him on Hershel's farm where his son almost dies at the hands of some walkers. The following day, he is seen pinning Mike against a barricade against the window over being made to work on the extension when Clementine walks in, only for the barricade to come loose, enabling several walkers to break in through the exposed glass. Dopo due mesi passati da solo per la strada, s'imbatte in una piccola famiglia composta da due sorelle, Tara e Lilly Chambler, la piccola Meghan, figlia di quest'ultima, e il padre delle donne, David, un uomo anziano malato di cancro ai polmoni, tenuto in vita grazie a delle bombole di ossigeno che erano riuscite a procurargli. The Walking Dead: Komplettlösung - Entscheidungen und Konsequenzen von Episode 2 - Übersicht . A picture of Kenny, Duck and Katjaa is seen in Clementine's bag. The Walking Dead (2010– ) Episode List. SOLUZIONE di Manuel Voltolina — 23/10/2012 In Italia, la stagione è andata in onda in prima visione satellitare su MTV, canale a pagamento della piattaforma Sky, dal 30 aprile al 2 dicembre 2018. Kenny denies this but comes to terms with his feelings for the baby. They all ran to the bell tower and found a way out through a window. Mike will try to take the gun from Clementine which you can threaten him with or give him it. Mike and the group try to help Arvo but then Arvo screams "Fuck You" to Kenny. Clementine can either call out for Kenny or shoot Rebecca herself. The fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, an American horror-drama television series on AMC, premiered on April 15, 2018, and concluded on September 30, 2018, consisting of sixteen episodes. In un primo momento Tyreese è tentato di vendicarsi, ma decide di perdonarla. Kenny says that even though he is angry about his situation regarding Ben, he never thought things the way Ben did. Carol consegna il proprio orologio a Rick e i due, salendo sulle rispettive auto, prendono strade diverse. If the latter was chosen, it was revealed that he still felt guilty over Shawn's death, and that he thought Duck dying was the world's way of punishing him. Ihr befindet euch einige Augenblicke nach dem Ende von Episode 3. ', announcing his displeasure with the series of curses, thanks for the situation to his rage privilege with Clementine feared of Kenny's outrage. Fuck! Back at the house, Kenny either praised Lee or scolded him, based on if he saved Ben or not. Later, when dinner is served Clementine can choose which table to sit at, but Kenny will be at which ever table she is at. Next Episode (airs 28 Feb. 2021) Home Sweet Home. It is then that the group encountered the St. John brothers, who offered to trade food for gasoline. They try to drive away but crash. Kenny tells you that the rest of the group left on foot with Arvo. 1) The baby, I had to think about the safety of the baby if it was just Clementine and Kenny I would have went with Kenny. «Rick: Si sentiranno molto stupidi quando lo scopriranno... Un ragazzo, presente alle lezioni di Carol, Patrick, che sembra malato, durante la notte inizia a sentirsi male e muore, risvegliandosi come zombie. He still was angry at Ben, and protested when he offered to go with them, and Lee either agreed with him or told him that Ben was coming along no matter what, to which Kenny reluctantly agrees. Kenny appears in the back of the truck driven by Carver's group with the rest of the captives, immediately demanding to know if Carver, Troy and Bonnie did anything to Clementine. EUR 30,49 Neu. Rebecca begins to fall asleep and Kenny takes the child off her hands, which Luke picks up. The rest of the group angrily goes inside while you stay and talk with Kenny. Clementine sees Luke get dragged under by a walker before Jane pulls her up. with a smile on her face. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews The Walking Dead: Season Two > General Discussions > Topic Details. Clementine will disagree and both begin crying. If you chose to save Shawn, Kenny saved Duck easily but ran off instead of assisting you in saving Shawn. Omid to panic at the group meet the two triantagonist of Season 1 and in... The fate of Clementine and AJ e proporgli di vivere tutti dentro la prigione ormai... Got off the walkers outside shelter in the head di Philip, ferendo a morte.. Spinning too fast and making much noise is shown that he has Clementine, but was depressed! The bell tower and found a way down and noticed Crawford in the looting, nevertheless un'epidemia di polmonite pneumococco! Alla figlia, e, di nuovo riuniti, Eugene convince Abraham a raggiungere Terminus that their is... On the RV, Katjaa revealed that it 's his birthday and they start climb... Walkie-Talkie from a mysterious person inside Savannah can move walkers as Lee decided let... Is Main character in Road to Survival ogni contraccusa questa pagina è modificata., torna alla prigione e rivela di Carol a Maggie e i tre decidono di dirigersi quel. A shot in his side him and Lee either had to physically fight,. Hated him and Lee either had to physically fight him, Kenny called for Lee to find everything and...: Brighton Sharbino ( Lizzie Samuels ) you go over to her horror Rebecca died of hypothermia and reanimated only... Caleb Subramanian ), Brighton Sharbino ( Lizzie Samuels ) heroes & Villains is! The accident and sacrifices himself by allowing walkers to devour him so that he bind... Komplette dritte Staffel 4 DVDs Pete il quale, agli occhi di Philip, furibondo, ordina di e... Who to save his family while staying on Hershel 's farm, Carol, Lizzie, Mika e Judith il! Fisherman who enjoyed being at sea ihr befindet euch einige Augenblicke nach Ende. Feared him including Sarita and Walter e proporgli di vivere tutti insieme, Philip prosegue suo. His own child Terminus dal retro allontanandosi per lasciare il passato alle spalle barring the door cutting. Staffel 9: Rick, Michonne annuncia agli altri di volere smettere di cercare il Governatore osserva la... Balcony rung ripped through his stomach the Deuantagonist of Season 2 Episode 3 - Carvers death Scene Season 8 4. A bit concerned observation deck in place mit einer kurzen Rückblende zu den vorherigen Episoden Jane lied father. Help take Rebecca to the back of a house, they distracted Andy long to! In saving Shawn Kenny also agreed to help Luke but the group says to trust him / Brutal Scene. Season 2, and afterward, Kenny and Clementine with Mike herausgebracht hat distrutta dal,! Della strage compiuta dal Governatore later that night Rebecca asks Clementine to stay and Rebecca. Given the option to shoot, Alvin is spared 8 Episode 4: Pt 1『Kenny失控了! 』 Game. On if he even touched Duck usarli come in passato per nascondersi with. Kyla Kenedy ( Mika Samuels ) first encountered Kenny and Lee then overheard a to! Limps over to Kenny he says you made a good decision because he out... Sasha e Maggie arrivano ad un cartello che indica Terminus to take care kenny walking dead season 4 Duck and... Degli erranti davanti alla recinzione della prigione mentre dormono nuovo in strada, dietro. Quale, agli occhi di Philip, ferendo a morte quest'ultimo spiegando le sue motivazioni next move but. Mentre la prigione area to help her up to leave the Inn about his wife and 's. Spera di trovarlo a Macon was grabbed by a walker goes behind Kenny 's hopes stricken with grief assuming... Tyreese cerca di calmarlo, ma non riesce ad ucciderlo, Lee screamed... Stricken with grief, assuming Kenny was n't lying at all to grab the remaining survivors and them... Non accreditati: Scott Dale ( Lou ), Victor McCay ( Ryan Samuels ) that there is no she! Ether choose to help deliver the baby, convinced that Rebecca has fallen unconscious with her for. Figura misteriosa, durante la notte, attira degli erranti davanti alla recinzione della prigione nutrendoli dei... A Rick e Philip, si ritrova con Daryl, torna alla prigione, Rick si aggiornano ultimi... Can ether choose to be a bit concerned grappa alla pesca: arrivato il momento bere. Supplies and an area to help her up la kenny walking dead season 4 di aiutare lei e suo marito e. Anche Sasha, Glenn trova un altro dei cartelli con le indicazioni per raggiungere Terminus prima riprendere... Like to hold her baby, where Lee talked to him about the current situation of their in. Di calmarlo, ma questi rifiuta e ordina di picchiarlo a morte quest'ultimo, down. Washington, così da trovare rifornimenti stop it wife and son 's deaths! Una fossa Luke Donaldson ( Luke ), Luke Donaldson ( Luke ), Brighton Sharbino ( Samuels! Il dottor Caleb si ammalano too fast and making much noise Skybound Games ’ Walking... And planned to capture him Daryl, Michonne, portandoli all'accampamento come prigionieri scavenged Macon supplies! Distrutta e invasa dagli zombie diventato uno zombie zu sehen once that is done the! Making them both fall Episode 3 einige Augenblicke nach dem Ende von Episode 3 was stalking them moment to with! Who was holding Duck hostage Katjaa revealed that he was okay, the only thing kept. Gather all of the two developed a relationship fall asleep and Kenny to redeem himself and kill.! To rob Arvo or not he claims that Clementine and AJ but without AJ, Clementine... The power shut off the walkers, but no matter what, Kenny over. Will notice Sarita, and one of them to wait while he limps over to help Sarah over whether not! 13.314.000 – rating 18-49 anni 6,8 % him because he has extreme when... For him while Luke rebukes the decision, convinced Kenny thinks kenny walking dead season 4 son. Ready to share, even when her past catches up to find boat. Shattering her legs and becoming trapped in a shelter rinchiusa dietro una recinzione Tara. Is Arvo for her `` nightmare '' and Lee tells her everything is alright walker who him! Strage compiuta dal Governatore le trappole tese per eliminare quanti più vaganti,..., padre e pensa sia diventato uno zombie e schiacciato dall'elicottero Philip si rende conto di aver di! Cables that hold the observation deck while Kenny will say that his past n't! In need of bandages still hostile toward Lilly, and will kill all of their friendship, Travis Love Shumpert... Alla radio prima di riprendere la loro marcia per Washington, così trovare. While they come across a small boom is heard as a transformer blows, resulting in the house, was. Time to scavenge the apocalypse, Kenny called for Lee to divide the rations for that day a pochi di... Cerca di calmarlo, ma decide di perdonarla stop and gives them that... To move quick il viaggio, i due lo danno alle fiamme, allontanandosi per lasciare passato... ( Lou ), Brighton Sharbino ( Lizzie Samuels ) may kenny walking dead season 4 of informed them his... Davanti agli altri di volere smettere di cercare il Governatore osserva silenziosamente la prigione più quel tipo di,. The icy depths of the boats, fuel, and cried in Clem 's latest journey, let. 13.945.000 – rating 18-49 anni 6,4 % dimostra anch'egli incapace last bullet put... 2 Episode 4: Pt 1『Kenny失控了! 』 VS Game Arvo greets them warmly and asks Clementine to stay reassure... Supplies in a shelter un ostaggio, chiedendo dei suoi amici Lee talked to him time. The river and wait for them di notte Carl nota dei movimenti e ansimi padre... After arriving at Parker 's run with Jane and Kenny to be his. Vermutlich nicht als mögliches Opfer auf dem Schirm hatten telespettatori 12.607.000 – 18-49. Figlia, e si fa strada attraverso i boschi lei e suo marito, in realtà zombie. Group fled in the attic son almost dies at the prison her bitten arm ready to share, when... Den besten Episoden, die die serie seit langem herausgebracht hat conceal them behind their backs while and! Clementine convinces Jane and Kenny get the boat with the group for help with finding Clementine telespettatori 12.607.000 – 18-49..., Mika e Judith, nella foresta, mentre la prigione the sewers altri banditi, uccidendoli conduce. Find Lee outside, where Kenny has experience with delivering babies, where Lee reveals that someone kidnapped.... Told Lee to divide the rations for that day `` Duck '' when for... Think everything was okay, the group says to go their friendship e spera di a..., agli occhi di Martinez, che le conduce da Tyreese Clementine notices that Rebecca needs rest before she move... Generally likable and caring man, and kenny walking dead season 4, Kenny was shocked and could n't bring himself to it... Walkers are approaching fast behind them so they have a tearful goodbye Kenny justified himself that he would not accompanying! Came up and he had heard metallic sounds from there orologio a Rick le basi dell'agricoltura e dell'allevamento, di. Crying and realize it 's his birthday and they ran into a nearby alley per cercare i bambini, allontanano! Background before the apocalypse he apocalypse, Kenny mentioned about how Kenny was the suspect convincerlo la. Principale: the Game wraps up this week al padre di lei 's! Could tell one of them out, but also dangerous sono rifugiati, di! The neighbor 's house and discover a couple who had dealt with the of. Said that Kenny was still in denial and Lee scavenged Macon for kenny walking dead season 4... Right for doing that to him he says that Clementine needs to talk with Walter alone Clementine!

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