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Musical excerpts (MP3s) of
"What Happened on the Hill"

1. Prologue (First Song of the End-time)
    Prologue (880k)

2. What Happened on the Hill
    Gossiping, joking... (420k)
    Why should the Mother of God appear? (616k)
    Listen, they're singing! (792k)

3. Trials and Tribulations
    A ball of light (448k)
    Social workers (384k)
    The doctor (340k)
    Hallelujiah (268k)

4. Pilgrims' Song
    Tormented (344k)
    To Mary (812k)
    Walk with us (708k)

5. Sarajevo Rose
6. Lamentation
    Hear my song (436k)
    My enemy (308k)

7. Epiphany
    I'm grateful (456k)
    Mother comfort us (648k)
    God will astonish you (584k)

8. Epilogue (Second Song of the End-time)
    Maybe you're weary (484k)
    Take my hand (696k)
    Comets are blazing (1.1MB)

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