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Roger Bourland

Roger Bourland (b. Dec. 13, 1952, Evanston, Illinois) received his education from the University of Wisconsin/Madison (B.Mus), the New England Conservatory of Music (M.M.), and Harvard University (A.M., Ph.D.). His teachers have included Leon Kirchner, Gunther Schuller, Donald Martino, John Harbison, and Randall Thompson. He received the Koussevitzky Prize in Composition at Tanglewood, the John Knowles Paine Fellowship at Harvard, two ASCAP Grants to Young Composers, numerous Meet the Composers grants, and was a co-founder of the Boston-based consortium "Composers in Red Sneakers."

Bourland has composed over one hundred works for all media: solo, instrumental, chamber, vocal and choral music, electro-acoustic music, and music for orchestra, which are published by E.C. Schirmer Music/Boston and Associated Music Publishers, Inc., and recorded on Northeastern Records, 1750 Arch, OpenLoop, and GM Recordings. As a film composer, he has scored "The Wolf at the Door" (1987, CBS/Fox Videocassettes), "The Trouble with Dick" (1986, Academy Video), "Night Life" (1988, RCA/Columbia Videocassettes), and James Merrill's "Voices from Sandover" (1990). In 1991 he scored a 13-part radio series for National Public Radio entitled "Poets in Person," and received his second National Endowment for the Arts grant for a CD of saxophone music. Since 1992, Bourland has received commissions for three full-length cantatas ("Hidden Legacies," "Flashpoint/Stonewall," [both with librettist John Hall], and "Letters to the Future") from five GALA Choruses which have been performed throughout America. Two documentaries were created and televised on the impact of "Hidden Legacies" on gay men's choruses. In 1993, Bourland established Yelton Rhodes Music, a publishing house for choral music. In 1994, he was commissioned to compose "Ozma" in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Topeka Symphony Orchestra. "Rosarium a drama for chorus" a 2 hour work for chorus, soloists, and orchestra with a libretto by William MacDuff, was premiered in 1999 at UCLA's Royce Hall. He has recently fulfilled a commission for the US Navy's choral ensemble, The Sea Chanters entitled "Keeping the Ocean Free" in honor of their 45th anniversary which will receive its premiere on June 2001 in Washington D.C.. Bourland is presently composing a piano quartet for the Los Angeles Chamber group Pacific Serenades, and "Alarcon Madrigals, Book 2" for the Los Angeles women's choral ensemble Vox Femina.

At UCLA, Dr. Bourland is a Professor and the Chair of the Composition program in the Department of Music. As an administrator at UCLA, Bourland served as the Chair of the Committee on Committees (1997-98), and the Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee in the Arts (5 yrs).



Keeping the Ocean Free (2000)
chorus and piano
Lyrics by William MacDuff /YRM
Commissioned by the US Navy "Sea Chanters"

Rosarium, a drama for chorus (1999)
for chorus, soloists, storyteller, and orchestra
Libretto by William MacDuff/YRM

Spriritual Gifts (2000)
chorus and organ
1 Corinthians 12/YRM

Fa La La (Blah, blah, blah) (1997)
chorus and piano
Lyrics by William MacDuff/YRM

Look Behind Our Song (1996)
chorus and piano
Lyrics by John Hall/YRM

The Acts of Love (1995)
Lyrics by Michael Lafferty

Flashpoint/Stonewall (1994)
men's chorus, 4 synths, bs, drums
© Roger Bourland and John Hall
Yelton Rhodes Music
Commissioned by GMCLA, Wash D.C., New York City GMC, Seattle Men's Chorus

Alarcon Madrigals, Book I (1993)
Commissioned by CalStateUniv. Fullerton Women's Choir

Letters to the Future (1993)
men's chorus,3 synths, bs, drums
Yelton Rhodes Music
Commissioned by Windy City Gay Chorus

All there is is love (1993)
Text by Paul Monette

Hidden Legacies (1992)
men's chorus, 4 synths, bs, drums
© Roger Bourland and John Hall
Yelton Rhodes Music
Commissioned by Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

Two Christmas Anthems (1988)
SATB, organ/ECS

Dickinson Madrigal Book 3 (1985/9)

Psalm 47 (1983)

His Spirit Lives (1983)

Antiphon (1983)
SATB [organ]/ECS
Commissioned by 1st Congregational Church, Cambridge, Mass.

Dickinson Madrigals Book 2 (1983)
Commissioned by the Cambridge Chorale

Dickinson Madrigals Book 1 (1980)


Stories We Tell (1998)
for four cellos
Yelton Rhodes Music
Commissioned by Concord Community School (NH)

American Baroque (1992)
for vln, vcl, and piano
Yelton Rhodes Music

Mirabell (1991)
for clarinet & tape (10')
Yelton Rhodes Music

Glamour & Eros (1990)
for alto sax and tape (10')
Yelton Rhodes Music

St. Stephen Counterpoint (1990)
for solo organ (10')/ECS
Commissioned by Leonard Raver

A Neutral Cafˇ (1989)
for cello & piano (10')/YRM

Shasta (1989)
Yelton Rhodes Music

Portable Concerto No.1 (1989)
viola & tape (15')/YRM
Yelton Rhodes Music

Recent Dreams (1988)
horn, vln, pno (14')/YRM
Commissioned by Pacific Serenades

Waltz No.70 (1988)
vln, pno (3')/YRM
for Leon Kirchner's 70th birthday

Cartoons (1987)

Aesop the Peasant (1987)
for New Music LA 1987

Serenade No.2 (1987)
fl,clar,vln,vcl,pno (15')/ECS
Commissioned by Pacific Serenades

In the Stars (1985)
tape (9')/YRM

Morning Sonata (1985)
organ (15')/ECS
Commissioned by Thomas Neenan

Saxophone Quintet (1984), str.quartet/Dorn Publications
Commissioned by the Portland String Quartet

A Slash of Blue (1984)
mezzo,viola, harp/YRM
Commissioned by the Pro Musicis Foundation

Montana Suite (1984)
cowritten w/ Mark Carlson
string quartet/YRM
Commissioned by the Cascade String Quartet

The Smiling Spider (1983)

Nostos (1982)

Ebben, ne andro lontano (1982)
by Alfredo Catalani/YRM
arr. for sop,,vla,vcl,pno

Stone Quartet (1982),vla,vcl,pno/ECS

Cantilena (1981)
fl[or clar, or] & organ/ECS
Commissioned by Pacific Serenades

Three Dark Paintings (1981),vla,vcl/ECS
Commissioned by Rikk Stone

Three Magical Places (1979)
solo harp
Associated Music Publishers, Inc..
Commissioned by Susan Allen

Etude Poetique (1979)
solo cello/YRM
Commissioned by ALEA III

Beowulf A Pageant (1979)
Commissioned by Stage Space

Personae (1978)
cello, bass in solo tuning
Associated Music Publishers, Inc.

Seven Pollock Paintings (1978)
Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
Koussevitzky Prize 1978

Clarinia (1977)
3 clarinets in Bb/YRM

Postcard Sonatas (1977)
solo harp
Associated Music Publishers, Inc.

Ides Book III (1977)

Ides Book II (1975)

Ides Book I (1974)
solo piano

Soliloquy No.9 for clarinet (1977)

Soliloquy No.8 for bassoon (1977)

Soliloquy No.7 for bass (1977)

Soliloquy No.6 for cello (1977)

Soliloquy No.5 for voice (1977)

Soliloquy No.4 for oboe (1976)

Soliloquy No.3 for flute (1976)

Soliloquy No.2 for horn (1976)

Soliloquy No.1 for soprano sax (1976) Dorn Music Publication

Sonata for Guitar (1972)


Ozma (1996)
2222-4221-timp, strings
Yelton Rhodes Music

Mirabell Jam (1992)
2222-4221-timp, strings
E.C.Schirmer Music*Boston

Serenade No.1: Far in the Night (1983), bsn, hp, strings/YRM

Dances from the Sacred Harp (1983)
Commissioned by Boston Musica Viva

Hadjidakis Suite (1983)
chamber orchestra
Music by Manos Hadjidakis
arranged by R. Bourland
rights not cleared

Cantilena (1983)
string orchestra/ECS

Scenes from Redon (1982)
Commissioned by the Mystic Valley Chamber Orchestra
[now the Boston Philharmonic]

Sweet Alchemy (1980)
Commissioned by ALEA III

The Death of Narcissus (1980)
chamber ensemble/YRM

Jackson Pollock in Memoriam (1979)
ASCAP Grants to Young Composers Award

Clarinet Rhapsody (1979)
clarinet and orchestra
Associated Music Publishers, Inc.


Poets in Person (1991)
Electronic score/YRM


Luce, Tempo, Roma! (2000)
Cameron McNull, director

Voices from Sandover (1991)
video/electronic score
Written by James Merrill,
Directed by Joan Darling
For PBS and BBC in 1996

Night Life (1988)
film/string orchestra
RCA/Columbia Video

The Wolf at the Door (1987) film/orchestra
CBS/Fox Videos

The Trouble with Dick (1986)
film/electronic score
Academy Video


Rivers in the Sky (1988)
wind ensemble/ECS
Commissioned by UCLA Wind Ensemble

Broken Arrows (1986)
jazz ensemble and EWI/YRM
Commissioned by The Foundation for New American Music


Voices from Sandover (1989)
incidental music (tape)/YRM
commissioned by James Merrill

OjackieO! (1987)
music theater
bass, chorus/dancers,tape
with John Hall/YRM
Commissioned by IBM Matching Grants for the Arts

Pornographia (1982)
music by Manos Hadjidakis;
various orchestrations & arrangements by Roger Bourland
Minos Records

YRM = Yelton Rhodes Music Publishers, Los Angeles, CA
ECS = ECS Publishers, Boston, MA
Dorn = Dorn Publication, Needham, MA