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Second Song of the End-Time (Epilog)


This tale has no ending: the visionaries of Medjugorje still receive the Blessed Mother and repeat her message to anyone who will listen. As she has since 1981, the Gospa implores Mankind to choose collaboration over war, to opt for life over death. This very year, millions will flock to the tiny village, just as others will travel to the shrine at Tepeyac, hoping to find answers as all around the world the battles rage.

This tale has no ending for we must finish the story ourselves. Maybe what happened on the hill was a cruel dream. At first it beguiled, but now it taunts us with sweet improbabilities. Maybe what happened on the hill, what is happening in Medjugorje now, will teach us the Sarajevos of our day are no accidents. After all, we have a choice. And only you and I together can determine what happened on the hill.


Something is coming
Something is going
Something is dying
But something is growing.
Behold the End of Time!
Miraculous moments are slipping away

People are fearful
People are doubting
Voices are rising
A multitude shouting
Behold the End of Time!
There’s blood in the water and smoke in the air.

Take my hand…
    (Mountains ever crumbling
    And oceans ever drifting!)
And I will comfort you.
In this land…
    (Towers ever tumbling
    And borders ever shifting!)
I am a stranger, too!
I am a stranger, too!

Maybe you’re weary
Maybe you’re ailing
Maybe you’re willing
But leery of failing.
Behold the End of Time!
The roses are blooming in breathtaking hues.
So choose!

Take my hand…
    (Vineyards ever climbing
    And deserts ever teeming!)
And we will greet the dawn.
In this land…
    (Poets ever rhyming
    And dreamers ever dreaming!)
The work goes on and on
And on and on and on!

Comets are blazing
Planets are spinning
Every moment
A world is beginning!
Behold the End of Time!
Each moment is calling for all you can give:
Arise and hope and strive and learn
And build and sing and dare and love!
Love! Love and LIVE!