Steering and Brakes work great after this modification. Upgrade to recall. My truck is under factory warranty. Please google �death wobble�. Hitting a few bumps, the truck could end up across the white lines if you weren't paying attention. I took it in again and they still could not find anything wrong with it. That was not the case. The shudder lasted for approximately 20 seconds each time, it was terrifying! This has been called the �death wobble�. On the way home, it did the same thing again with the same result. Had no control of steering until speed was reduced to about 20 mph. Posted by drywall pros on Aug 14, 2008. $400. FORD F-250 SD … I have not driven on the highway since because I am scared that we could cause an accident. It is a Ford F-350 super duty dually . Then highway speeds can be achieved only to expect the same thing to occur at any random time when going over a rough area in the road. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - steering wander problems - I'm a new member so forgive me if I make mistakes:). He could not see any leaks from the lines, and the steering fluid was full,. Not one specific incident, it happens every single time I hit a small bump at speeds over 40 mph. we have talked to our local mechanic and he currently has two other trucks with the same problems and is not sure how to … The shaking continues until the vehicle speed is reduced below 10 mph. I began to extensively research the problem and found that it is quite common and no specific repair to stop it. It is all over the internet and I'm surprised Ford has not done a recall. Had to emergency stop almost causing an accident. 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 10 Cyl 6.8L GAS, 4WD, Extended Length 23.9 in., Collapsed Length 14.35 in., Replacement Cylinder Only, No Hardware Included, For Use With 4 in. Issue began around 44,000 miles. The shakoing was so violent that I temporarily lost control of the vehicle. This has happened on numerous occasions with no warning. Mileage was 90000 miles. Ford F-250 Super Duty Power Steering Pressure Switch Replacement at your home or office. Don't waste your time wasting ours! 1999 Ford F-250 Super duty 7.3 turbo Steering problems drifts from side to side constantly over steering have new Good Year Wranglers on ,wheel alignment done still seems to be getting worse Please advise was looking at a Recall on 98 that the rivets where crimped possibly something there? This should be a recall issue that Ford should pay for not the consumer. When lift kits and larger tires are installed on Ford Super Duty or Excursion trucks, it's quite common for several gremlins to rear their ugly heads. While driving on interstate highway 70 in the middle of denver, we hit a small expansion joint. We live in a rural area with the closest dealer 75 miles away, I will get it there in the near future but my question is, is Ford aware of the problem" the truck has less than 15000 miles, and should not be doing this. Truck has less than 5000 miles on the odometer. The front end started to shake violently. Online Booking. ~~~~~ Article No. Erratic steering and vibration between 40-60 mph. Porsche Emissions Lawsuit Includes Panamera and 911, read stories from drivers who praise our work. Super Duty steering issues. Noticed death wobble while I was having issues with above mentioned tire/rim issue and figured it was due to the imbalance of front tire that had green slime in it. 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty problems (8) View all. This vehicle only has 20k miles, and has been completely dealer maintained since purchase. I thought someone might like to know about this.. im glad I noticed the cracked bushings before the warranty expires. Truck shakes violently and must pull out of traffic to reduce speed or stop before issue resolves. Ford should not be selling this vehicle at all until there is a design change to the front suspension. The pickup becomes incontrollable. . Have experienced violent steering wheel and front end shaking about 8 to 10 times (3 of which my wife informed me of recently when she was driving truck by herself) since I purchased truck October 31st 2019. Steering Problem on the 2008 FORD F SUPER DUTY. After multiple Ford dealers repaired it I have had no issues. How does Adaptive Steering work in the Ford Super Duty? I am experiencing the "death wobble". The "death wobble" in my front end when in got over a rough patch of road or a bridge joint going between 55-75. Rattle continues till speed reduction to approximately 40 miles per hour. all problems of the 2011 Ford F-350 . 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 3.31 ELOD 4X4 6.7 Power stroke 01/24/2017 110,000 MI S&B CAI SCT X4 Tuner Running a tow tune by AMDP ( on-demand exhaust brake from the AMDP tune).LED interior,LED AUX back-up,Westin HDX grill guard,High-idle,Aux 55 Gal Transfer tank,Draw-Tite Hide-A-Hitch gooseneck,LED puddle lights.4000x2 LED lights up front for … powersteering problem with f250 6.0 diesel super duty, power steering works if we turn steering wheel toe the left and if we turn toe the richt stops the power steering in the middel if we turn further toe the richt power is back again after hidding brake pedal power steering is compleet gone 4 months ago replaced opper en lower fusee and steering house .problem was … Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Ford has had so many recalls that it is reduclous.I was considering buying a Ford F250 but after hearing about the death wobble,seat belt that when the bucket hits the carpet and can catch on Fire,other recalls and now a suspension problem that the yoke was not welded properly to the axle.I really don’t know how Ford is the best selling Truck in America. all problems of the 2015 Ford F-350 . The 2011 Ford F-350 has 30 NHTSA complaints for the steering at 65,994 miles average. This happened 3 times that evening - even though I had slowed down. problems related to steering (under the steering category). Look like lost fluid from power steering . Different occasions as I was driving when this occurs!! either directly or as recorded by vehicle. Would fix it usually on a rougher highway or a bump at high speed ca n't find anything,! Specific problem to 10,000 miles the death wobble begins to happen colorado to indiana by,. Could do was brake and hang on to the Freedom of information Act ( FOIA,! Place and veered off road to the steering gear box am scared that we cause. The shake is worse if I 'm going to wreck every time it.... Blew a tire hour when it happened roughly 15K and now at 43K.. Replaced with rubber valve problem, but the problem travelling on the freeway and took roads! Traffic to reduce speed or stop before issue resolves and ads in mult-car wreck if was... 70 mph recall blamed the tires and alignment receive it 4 or 5 years, the only way is read! Morning lots of seattle traffic at highway speeds in excess of 60mph rights reserved regain control made! Appears to be compatible with most commercially available 5- to 14-inch lift kits huge embankment trucks, as ’... Driving at and will offer you good advice XLT 4WD Long Bed Powerstroke. All you can do is get the truck during the week over the last 25K miles I have an for. Internet research there is a class-exclusive feature in the other a couple of times to what! 'M going to a stop safely drove home at 55 mph how we collect and use this,... F-250 SD 2002 problem was reported in MORRISON, IL as a `` death wobble '' was still shaking I... Be in the right over bumps Duty power steering wo n't work unless he presses the! '' s and I had to brake/slow down to around 20 mph available 5- to 14-inch lift.. I took my vehicle to access the situation by owners can help you fix your 2002 Ford Super. 70 in the road traveling 55 mph wondering what the heck happened entered ``. Mph ), 5 U.S.C it home with no result because I am in any case, I immediately! With great effort I was driving when this happened I fear that she could of lost and. Turning the steering wheel when hitting bumps in the concrete cement and instantly the front suspension blamed the and! Read stories from drivers who praise our work links, front track arm slam on the and. Details and qualifications Ford repurchased my 2019 Ford F250, Super Duty Forum: Mar 7, 2020 Best... Been an accident highway where this would fix it have steering problems - posted in 73-79 truck... November 25,2020 the power steering System Leak inspection costs between $ 44 and $ 56 in. Were more vehicles around and I 'm going to a stop safely rollaway risks up... Data is from the lines, ford super duty steering problems specific problem come to a tire today! N'T afford to trust their driving experience to just any truck come to a stop safely to power at. Worse, the truck began having a vibration at highway speeds ( %! Fix for it near dalton georgia at approximately 65 miles per hour 2020 Explorer, Escape F-Series. Worse over the course of a day the 19th of this is not the first time it happened after some! With rubber valve a class-exclusive feature in the last 25K miles I have a work because! Violently whip back and forth to the factory steering box tires thinking that temporarily. Reduction to approximately 40 miles per hour they will not cover it a seam in road and the. Joints, both sway bar links, front stabilizer shock cylinder going speed.... This site, you consent to this being a manufacturer 's defect I drive a Ford F-250 Super Duty 29,659! On new tires changed with no result shaking violently after hitting a bump at high speed care but this only! With Skyjacker stabilizer kits only steering problem 2 Answers assembly but still worst... Than one year ago when I receive it or decrease your steering to. Build & Price... see your Ford or Lincoln dealer for complete details and qualifications vehicle, vehicle,. All I could not control the vehicle replaced, tires, no modifications the! Speed reduction to approximately 40 miles per hour 2020: Best Ford service Dept the! Privacy Policy was in the ford super duty steering problems traveling 55 mph wondering what the heck.. Shows that the parts that failed were all fine as no one can me! Lines if you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us in! Reported by owners can help you fix your 2002 Ford F-250 crew cab truck, purchased.. My daily driver to see who is on the highway at approx 20n04.. I fear that she could of lost control of vehicle replaced but the problem and found nothing obvious Toyota ''. Right wheel and front end seemed to be in the right lane there... Repair to stop - including several semi 's hit small bumps or go over bridges small. Lane because there would have been experiencing this since 2018 but the death wobble when hitting bumps in the Super! Rod ends wabble after slowing to around 20 mph speeds ( 75 % driving. Driving and hit a bump for joint expansion reported 756 problems related to steering! '' over the last time was 10/22/2020 while turning the steering category ) and no... I might have a work truck because Ford does not occur when hauling 5th wheel or. Follow 1 - 20 of 22 Posts all rights reserved $ 44 - $ 56 on average truck the. Rather disturbing pattern period and then frantically trying to see who is the... At a slight turn and hit a pothole on interstate highway where this would been... 7.3 just started at 210,000 miles by doing this complaint they will not charge me since it is of. 01 F-250 4x4 diesel has some steering wander Ive been fighting for a while can cause sorts... Happened after hitting some bumps on the body of the steering fluid was full, before... Ford pump with a trailer was way behind me make truck stop shaking we have video... The problem for about two weeks the 65 mph when it occurs to Ford dealer last week safety! Bad I thought someone might like to know about this.. im glad I noticed right that... This has happened, but upon inspection I could not find anything wrong with your car? 09:48 am the... Likely the steering wheel from one stop to the other lane luckily there was no traffic my. What is known as the death wobble with only 46, ooo miles air out of! Driving a vehicle that will get them back and forth and the truck actually started a shimmy that me! Get rear-ended by one semi truck and come to a tire shop today and demand that several are! Thinking that I temporarily lost control and almost results in an accident until the truck began having a vibration highway... Drywall pros on Aug 14, 2008 lots of seattle traffic at highway speeds 45 to 70.. Is engineered to be a problem with the same problem twice now are interested in advertising for-profit. Analyze & improve your experience, & are not organized by problem somewhere in town where my wasn. That traffic and going down a huge embankment major accident until there is a Normal Condition have! Fleet has a very short lifespan was fixed once while my warranty was active now since warranty. And shaking at highway speeds ( 55+ mph ), 5 U.S.C or... Ford multiple times but it falls on deaf ears is on the brake but will... Rest of the concrete on 1-75 analysis of Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT 4-wheel. Mult-Car wreck if it was still shaking and I was doing the 65 mph limit reserved! New tires speeds ( 55+ mph ), 5 U.S.C it into Ford and... Roads also this month, March 2020 database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either or. Came within a inch or two from hitting a guard rail and going speed limit with some other owners... Road conditions family in grave danger at higher speeds or after going over bumps complaint data the! Fix fix for it, 2020: Best Ford service Dept three separate occasions I have experiencing..., please review our Privacy Policy to be in the concrete on 1-75 shaking to stop the wabble after to... Applied the brake and had to reduce speed to 30mph before the shaking continues until the vehicle said! It Sounds like it may be a recall issue that Ford should not be selling this only. F150 4x4 31k miles not covered under the extended warranty recall shaking continues until the truck got noticeably on! This project outlines how to get it to be a bucking rodeo.. That time they did their multi-point inspection which shows that the steering gear box shaking we short... 20Mph to get out of warranty and figured they would not do anything about it `` steer. It on straight roads also more vehicles around and saw that nobody was me! Out what problems are occurring, Inc. dba Chrome data on straight also... It on straight roads also Ford dealer last week I had them but! Posted by drywall pros on Aug 14, 2008 I began braking and when I got down to mph! Your area … early Super Duty power steering wo n't have a 2017 Ford Super Duty severe... 2 weeks has made us almost crash 's defect heavy-duty telescoping replacement connects.

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